About Us


Our Vision

Top Accuracy

We want to continuously to be known as market leader in high accuracy instruments for testing passive electronic components

Top Quality

We want to help our customers ensure component quality assurance

Top Techniques

Through our expertise, we will develop measurement techniques with our customers

Maximum Up-Time

We provide a service and calibration concept which gives our customers maximum up-time in production

Leasing of Danbridge Test & Measuring Equipment

Why use your available funds for test equipment, when you can get the equipment from Danbridge by leasing?

Leasing is the clever way of always having new updated test equipment where calibration or repair is something don't need to worry about.

Joining our Leasing Plan, you pay a monthly or quarterly fee, and Danbridge will guarantee your equipment in the same way as if your guarantee continued and continued and …

Should repair be necessary, we are able to take care of your Danbridge equipment from your door step to our Repair Center and back again, or we may come to your site on planned repair and calibration visits. The intervals between visits can be selected by you in co-operation with Danbridge. Select what is most convenient for securing your business. Your choice.

In order to select the right leasing plan, matching your requirement, please contact Danbridge at sales@danbridge.com and we will be pleased to provide you with further information.


Danbridge Sale And Delivery Terms and Conditions